Texas - The Cowboy Land

The name Texas evokes the idea of tight leather pants wearing cowboys walking in and out of ranches. That is not all though when it comes to visiting Texas. It is the second largest state in the United States of America and comes second only to Alaska.

Unlike the largest state, the climate in Texas varies from east Texas with arid and hot weather to the west where the climate is humid. Tourism along with banking, farming, live stock and steel, is a major industry here.

Texas was originally called Tejas by the Indians which meant 'those who are friends' and even now the state maintain the motto of friendliness. So when you are visiting Texas, you can be assured that you will be taken care of. The people here are warm and friendly. When you do visit Texas the following places are the important places to see and you surely cannot miss out on them. They are:

First stop should be Alamo, located in San Antonio, which is the battle site built for a Spanish mission originally. Your next stop should be The Riverwalk. Again located in San Antonio, it is famous for shopping. It is also known as the dinning district. The Riverwalk is beautiful as it is tastefully located along the winding banks of the River San Antonio. If you are visiting central Texas, you cannot miss this place!

The Johnson Space Centre is a major attraction amongst the tourists. Made in the 1960s, it is a part of the space race period. If you want to feel as a part of the space, then the Johnson Space centre in Houston will help you explore more about the astronauts, space and much more.

Schlitterbahn in Texas has its origins in Germany and therefore, the German name. It is a very famous water park. You cannot miss it! Along with this water park, if you are traveling with kids, you must take them to the sea world. There are educational programs for the kids. They can be a part of the adventure camps too.

The Texas State Capitol is a magnificent building. It is said that it is exactly the same even today from the time it was made and opened. If there is a legislative session going on in here, the tourists can attend it. The Texas museum is a major attraction too. It has an IMAX theater and a gift shopArticle Search, if you like to buy something.

The Texas state aquarium is the largest and the most extensive aquarium in Texas. It has a wide variety of fishes and other marine life at display. You will take an entire day to make sure you have seen every inch of the aquarium. Another thing that you must not miss is the USS Lexington. It is a retired warship and now you can go inside and enjoy the technology and life on the ship.

There are many options to live in Texas. From Small town to urban high rise, Texas has it all.

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