Texas Culture

Texas Culture


1) SELF SUFFICIENCY. Texans are amazingly resilient and strong. I have pictures of the dust bowl that my grandparents lived through in North Texas, I just can’t imagine living thru that period when food & water was hard to come by. I’m sure travel was miserable too. I’m sure ones eye’s were like bearings packed with sand struggling to open, and your poor teeth crunched sand as much as they did anything else. Yes, we are a determined bunch. We know that anything worth doing takes some hard work. We persevere, we stand tall, and we get it done, and at the end, we give thanks.

2) FAMILY. It’s our roots, it’s our culture, it’s who we are and who we protect.  Our favorite thing.  Family is what keeps the Texas Culture strong.  We meet at the table and we bond thru our food.  When momma's cooking, the family is planning the get together.  It doesn’t matter what part of Texas you are in, it’s the same thing happening.  Crab cakes,shrimp and grits at the coast,  to steak, burgers and German chocolate cake, it’s food, food, food, that we love.  BBQ is still the king, with a side of sausage or Chili, we Texans love our spice and we are continually showing it thru contests all across the state all year long.  Who will have the hottest spice , best spice, best barbecue, best potato salad, best cake this year!?

3)  CLOTHES. Have you even been inside a boot store?  It’s filled with the essence of Texas Country.  The store smells like a fresh leather factory, brimming with sequins and stitching.  There’s nothing like it.  Clothing lines you’ve not heard of unless you are in the culture.  A look that goes beyond style but into function, in keeping with that work ethic.  Pockets are not a rarity here, you need them everywhere, from breast to bottom, you’ll see lots of tough denim and lots of symbols of faith in these stores. It’s the cornerstone of a real Texan.  Ropers to Lucchese we’re in!  So before your next fair or rodeo, freshen it up, Texas Style!

4)  MUSIC. One just can’t say enough how music has influenced our Texas Culture, it was our early outlet of entertainment, bonding thru our struggles, and key to a rich uplift to our spirit.  Texas music is tightly woven to our culture, and boy we’ve had some music makers go far with it.  Being from west Texas, I’m well familiar with Buddy Holly and the crickets, Joe Ely, and the Maines’ brothers, but  who can mention Texas without a hint of rockabilly and Willie Nelson.  Austin is know as the live music capital of the world which that title came mostly from Austin City Limits show that has been going on since 1974, and is the longest running show in television history.

5)  SPORT. Texans are feverish about the things they love, it’s shown directly in the beginnings of Rodeo, where men and boys showed their skills at roping and riding, despite the sports inherit risks. Girls and ladies got involved as well, in barrel racing and show riding.  It came together as great entertainment for all.  Small Towns quickly came on board with organized sporting like football.  Texans pour out en masse for a great football game featuring , the neighboring opponent, the bands, the twirlers,and the hype! From there, it just goes up, college football, and professional football, we love our football and other competitive sporting events. We are all in here too!

6)  FOOD. Yes Texans can be cocky a bit sometimes, but our food is what will set us off on a tyrant of cockiness like none other.   As I spent years in another state that would not admit that our beef was what you call BBQ, not the ‘other’ white meat, I was never so home sick.  Texas has a culture of food like none other.  That’s why I decided to share with the rest of the world, either yearning to understand our boastfulness, or wanting to make a Texan happy thru gift.  Our chili recipes are a contest as well.  Frito Pie is a staple, and what a great tailgating meal.  We have our own mix, that doesn’t include beans, but even if it does, it’s got to include the kick of good seasonings. Mexican food, from Tortilla soup to enchiladas, our beans are multipurpose and should be included in almost every meal.  Texas pecans round out our desserts in pie, brittle, preserves, or coffee – these little homemade gems are a key to our happiness.   Slow smoked BBQ with a lot of tomato based sauces complement our palates, from hot to mild,they are melt-in-your-mouth good! We make sure we include all these products in various ready made gift baskets, all year long.  But certainly, choose your recipient’s linings by product too when you design-you-own gift basket from our site too.  A way to a Texan’s heart is through the belly!

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