Texas Comfort Gift Basket

Texas Comfort Gift Basket

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Texas Shaped Basket 18" - A Texas Gift Basket basket filled with comforting Food types of Easy and Good Meals and Snacks.

You'll get:

  • 18" Texas Shaped Basket filled with 3 Soup Mixes (like Texas Enchilada, Queso, Broccoli-Cheese, Pasta Fagioli, Creamy Jalapeno)
  • Chili Mix
  • Hot Cocoa Mix- 5.4 oz (Texas Cocoacinno - Cafe Mocha Mix)
  • 12 oz Candied Pecans (Frosted with Praline, Amaretto, Cinnamon - or Honey Toasted)
  • 2 Coffees (for a pot each) 
  • 2 Texas Teas
  • Texas Pecan Brittle

 Hello Fall!  Warm'em up with the Texas Comfort Basket!  

Comes shrink wrapped with ribbon, bow and greeting (you'll type at checkout - if desired). Delivers anywhere - so order from Austin, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, or Anywhere in the Country - we'll handle the shipping for you!

Let us know if this isn't exactly as you'd like - or you'd like to add a special product!  Email us @ info@lonestargiftbaskets.com.  We'll make it perfect for you!

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