Jalapeno Griller

Jalapeno Griller

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The Best Quality Jalapeno Griller out there!  This one won't take up the whole Grill but will cook 6 Peppers at a time.  This Gift is made in Texas and makes some great grilled Jalapenos. Optimum size holes that can be modified for different sized Jalapenos and allows for even heat distribution around the Pepper, so they'll be just right.  We Texans, love our Bacon wrapped Jalapenos on the Grill, and some Cream Cheese in the middle......delectable!  You will be HIGHLY PRAISED for choosing this Gift!

Comes with recipe card and care instructions in a Red Burlap Storage Bag.

Ships quickly to Houston, Austin, Dallas, San Antonio or Anywhere! We can ship Internationally too, but allow 6 - 10 days for delivery Internationally.

This Gift can be added to some other Gift Baskets, but can also be included in same box as a Texas Gift Basket.  Please note any special instructions at checkout.


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