Family Fun Quarantine Gift Basket

Family Fun Quarantine Gift Basket

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Family Fun Quarantine Gift …

Quarantine Family Fun Gift Basket


A tasty and fun gift for the whole family to enjoy during these tough times. A variety of card games including crazy 8’s, slapjack and even dominos paired with sweet and savory snacks, it’ll be the perfect way to help pass the time and keep the whole family entertained.

CONTAINER SIZE: 11" W x 7" D x 3.5" H

Items Included:
  • Lesser Evil Himalayn Popcorn
  • American Gourmet Seasoned Pretzels
  • Vision Pack Smoked Almonds
  • Beanfileds Tortilla Chips
  • Kar’s Texas BBQ Snack Mix
  • J & M Triple Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • Old Maid Card Game
  • Crazy 8’s Card Game
  • Slap Jack Card Game
  • Go Fish Card Game
  • Dominos