Texas Gift Baskets

Austin Companies are gifting Texas.  Texas small business are lucky to have companies supporting our small businesses.  Lone Star Gift Baskets provides several companies in the real estate, computing, manufacturing, law, and hotel and hospital industries with gifts that make their partners smile!  All the while, small Texas gourmet food producers are able to compete with the major brands.  The hill country products of The Great San Saba River Pecan Company are included.  A producer of pecans and pecan products simply make for great gifts, especially when next to other Texas products.

Lone Star Gift Baskets is providing gifts to new employees to another Cloud computing firm based in Austin.  Employees begin to feel like part of the family with a personalized card, saying welcome to the family.  This basket has an Austin Theme with products from Austin natural soap, and the Keep Austin Weird motto.  We ship these on demand for the company so they are not required to keep a stock on hand.  It's a great relationship!

We can theme our baskets to have you colors, your theme, your logo, or you name on customized ribbon, making for a professional look.  A recent customer had us reward all the employees that moved from Washington state, to Plano Texas with a gift from Texas.  What a wonderful welcome of food to start in a new place.

The possibilities are endless but we are thankful to our old and new companies moving to Texas for supporting our state!  Call us to see what we can do for yours!

Lone Star Gift Baskets

Texas Gift Baskets make a wonderful gift
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