Chuckwagon Deluxe

Chuckwagon Deluxe

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Need a well rounded Texas'centric Basket with a heaping helping of Texas Foods.  This Basket is the epitome of Texas.

In a 18" Texas Shaped Basket we include:

- Chili Mix

- Bean Seasoning (Pintos)

- Soup Choice (Enchilada, Texas Queso, Creamy Jalapeno....Or one of the other fabulous offerings)

- Bread and Butter Candied Jalapenos- 8oz.

- BBQ Dry Rub

- BBQ Sauce

- Corn Muffin Mix

- Tres Chili Hot Sauce

- Texas Flag Bandana

- 3 Pralines


Allow 24-48 hours processing time before shipment and estimated ship time 3 days for delivery.

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