Billy Twang Punch Rub

Billy Twang Punch Rub

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Billy Twang Punch …

A grand departure from Old No. 3 Rub.  Punch Rub packs a mighty flavor-wallop.  A tasty, flaky, earthy blend of desert spices that provide a distinctive flavor.  Expect depth, richness, and warmth.

Billy Twang® Punch Rub is proudly Made in America and is a fun way to change the flavor profile of chicken, fish, vegetables, and salads.  Our quest for the finest ingredients led us all around the world.  We've perfected Punch Rub with the perfect blend of:

Fluer de Sel de Gurande
Tellicherry Pepper
Minced Roasted Garilc
Red Chili Flakes
Chipotle Flakes
Mexican Oregano
Cilantro Flakes

Volume: 8.0 ounces net weight
Ingredients: Salt, Pepper, and Granulated Garlic, Red Chili Flakes, Chipotle Flakes, Mexican Oregano, Cilantro Flakes