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Texas Gift Baskets & Texas Themed Gifts, Custom Gift Baskets from Austin

Lone Star Gift Baskets is located in the Austin suburbia of Pflugerville, Texas. And even though Pflugerville is a small town, it is known statewide, mainly for our football team, waterpark, and we are starting to be BBQ sensation as well!

These Texans have been packing wonderful Texas Themed baskets for over 10 years. Formerly just Lone Star Baskets, we began in 2005 as a home based business, created by Kristi Powell. What once was 3 baskets has now blossomed into now 50 different Texas products and now gifts online.

But don't let our size fool you, we sell gift baskets not only to gift lovers and connoisseurs in the entire Austin area, but people throughout the great state of Texas and other areas love our products. We have grove grown exponentially and now basket lovers order our gift basket s and gifts from around the globe. Texas has a flair that commands worldwide interest!

All of our Gourmet products are home-grown right here in Texas. You'll send the best the state has to offer. We continually look for the best product we can include, and often get requests that we'll gladly evaluate.

As you can see on our homepage, our products come from just about every corner of the state. We choose the top contenders of every class, from soups and salsas, to candied jalapenos and caviar dip. Your recipient will feel like you hand-picked each product from country stores all around Texas. And aren't you so thoughtful for that??? I'll keep your secret.

Our company strives to create a one-of-a-kind product representing the culture, heritage and all the many values of the wonderful state of Texas, and making both the giver and recipient wholeheartedly excited about the products they receive.

One thing is for sure, Texans like it big and Texans know quality. Our products reflect this requirement. We are committed to excellent customer service, quick shipping and unbeatable communication when it comes to the delivery of your shipment. Our Dallas gift baskets, Houston gift baskets, San Antonio gift baskets are prepared specifically with the exquisite taste of Texas.

We go the extra mile in producing the highest quality gift baskets and finding those special gifts that represent our state. From our secure website ordering to the delivery of your product, we want to be the best in the industry.

We are constantly keeping the pulse of the marketplace looking into new products that fit into our theme and that we know people will love to have in their home. It takes time to research, and obtain new product, but it's worth it to keep the site fresh for all the repeat business we have. Check back often and see if your favorite product is here - we'll share it in a Texas Gift Basket!

We make sure all of our gourmet food products are made right here in Texas and are of the finest quality. Many of our foods are all natural and no preservatives. It's all about authentic Texas taste and quality here at Lone Star Gift Baskets. From all natural mills of South Texas to the fresh pecans of the hill country, we'll have it ready for you.

As we state all over our site, your satisfaction is our main goal, so if you have a need that isn't met here, please give us a call, our team will do their best to make it happen! We also specialize in creating that perfect Corporate Gift for employee giving as well as customer Thank You Basket. We can customize right down to adding your corporate logo or promotional materials.

Feel free to browse all of our wonderful gifts and gift baskets and contact us if you have any questions.

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